My spirit animal

First off, I’m feeling much – MUCH –  better, but I’m still coughing especially when the air is too dry or the AC turned on too cold. But other than that, I’m (almost) good as new, that being said. I’m still taking it easy, especially because we got some crazy things planned in the next few days and I’ll need all my energy for that!!!

So, A and I hadn’t actually planned on staying in Brisbane, but A had decided on stopping here, mainly because of this:

Hanging in there...
Hanging in there…

One of Australia’s oldest koala sanctuaries! Over 130 koalas were literally just hanging out, eating eucalyptus and sleeping, because that’s all they do, much like pandas, the only difference is the smell. If koalas smelled more like hamsters, A would have never left the sanctuary…

This was also the first time while in Australia that we got to see wallabies. And man, they are just the softest and most relaxed animals ever…

Wallaby and walla-us.
Wallaby and walla-us.

That being said, although the wallabies have a place to retreat away from human-interaction, they’re not always treated with respect, especially from parents forcing their children to do everything short of riding the roos… so, for the love of animals, make sure to treat them like you wanted to be treated, you know, if you lived in a sanctuary…

After a couple hours we retreated back to the hotel, where I (happily) did my laundry and finally got time and energy to work to meet my deadlines. And then, once finished, I did exactly, what my spirit animal did…

Barely moving...
Barely moving…

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