Brisbane, I’d move in a heartbeat.

Remember when I said, I was getting better? Well, that was before… It had gotten so bad, I coughed half the night and decided to spend the last day in Brisbane at the hotel. I also went to the doctor’s to make sure that I was doing everything possible to get better soon.

So, there is not much to tell from today’s adventure. Other than me falling over a suitcase and almost breaking my leg (seriously, my left leg is bruised horribly). But that’s not fun to write about… Instead, here are a few fun things that are making A and me consider to seriously relocate to Brisbane.

Of course, we’re wearing our vacation sunglasses (literally and figuratively) but this city is amazing. Driving in a couple nights ago, the cityscape was so colorful. Everything was lit up in Christmas colors and driving in seriously felt like we were in the future. By then, we were tired and exhausted, so you could have probably shown us a photo of a parking garage in the middle of nowhere and we would have thought it was the most incredible building ever.

But our picture didn’t change the next morning when, we leisurely strolled around in the juxtaposition that is old town, fancy newly, environmentally friendly building and a city vibe like none other. Although I haven’t seen much of Sydney or any other place in Australia, just yet, Brisbane is definitely my number one. So much so, that both A and I are seriously considering to find career opportunities in this wonderful place, where I am constantly misunderstood (my funny Austrian/South Philly accent and no voice, don’t help), where December is among their hottest months and I’m only a days drive from the Great Barrier Reef…

Needless to say that we will be back, sooner or later, permanently or just cruising through, but we will be back!

Also, I just noticed we don’t have any photos of Brisbane yet, due to some unforeseen circumstances… so, this will have to do for now:

At the koala sanctuary
At the koala sanctuary

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