Infringement notice

When it comes to reminders to taking driving breaks, reminding drivers of the importance of napping when tired and asking trivia questions to stay alert, Australia is top notch! Every few hundred meters you may find a reminder of what to do, when feeling exhausted and it’s quite fun to spot the signs. Their most common one is Stop. Revive. Survive. A quite catchy one if you ask me!

It’s important to take stops because people do some crazy stuff when driving exhausted. We had more than one speeder and crazy encounter and it was not pleasant for anyone. Although neither A nor I typically speed, occasionally we too are a but faster than allowed…

Only problem, this time we did get pulled over. To put this in perspective, the one time A and I did get pulled over in the US, a very angry policeman yelled at us very demeaning things. We didn’t make eye contact, we didn’t talk to each other, we were just in agony…

Now, in comparison, the incredibly friendly policeman, by the name of Jade, was among the nicest people both of us ever encountered. He first asked us if there was any particular reason for speeding and when A answered truthfully that there wasn’t, he looked at the both of us, to make sure that we were indeed alright.

He then asked for A’s license and registration and disappeared for a while. Then he came back to ask us for our address and again disappeared. He came back after a while, still a but confused and handed us back everything we had given him. Jade used this to ask us a bunch of questions about the US, mainly wanting us to confirm all stereotypes he had ever heard about. And then he proceeded telling us about his personal experiences in the US, which was limited to Dallas, but still fun to hear. The whole thing turned into a rather pleasant conversation, A telling this man about our world trip and future plans… if only we would have been at a bar, we would have had the most fun together…

Honestly, I thought after the chat he’d let us go, but he did his job and fined us massively. But because all of this was so pleasant, we don’t even mind paying the fine. If every encounter would be like that, I wouldn’t mind getting pulled over more often but then again, that may become expensive real quick…

Australian infringement notice
Australian infringement notice

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