Australia Update

As we have just reached the half-time into our world-trip, i.e. two weeks in into our four weeks around the world, I decided to give you a quick little update. We have seen and experienced more things than A and I can remember (thank you cameras for capturing everything we may have already forgotten), and we absolutely loved every second of it. I have – thanks to a brilliant doctor in Brisbane – fully recovered from my sickness and am as good as new and am desperately hoping that it stays that way, at least until we return back to Norway in the middle of January.

The new year already has been fun-filled with loads of activities from seeing platypi, having a morning with the kangaroos to snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef – we’ve done it all and we’re happily exhausted. This also marks our end in Queensland and we are slowly but surely making our way back to New South Wales.

We decided to instead of splitting up the 21 hour drive into two days, as we have on the way up, we will split up the trip into three days, having the longest driving day on Thursday, a medium driving day on Friday, split up with a visit at the Australian Zoo (as we refer to it, the Steve Irwin zoo, after all we need to pay homage to him!) and the shortest one on Saturday, where we will return our rental car and enjoy the evening in Sydney.  We have a couple fun-filled and action-packed days left in Sydney before we fly to our last world-trip destination on Monday! I still have a few more activities planned for our time in Australia, which A may or may not be excited about, but I promise the Great Barrier snorkeling is, in his words, “the worst” among them.

I am hoping your first week in the New Year was just as amazing, incredible and worth-remembering as ours, and if it wasn’t, don’t worry about it! 🙂

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