Is the Great Barrier Reef as awesome as everyone says???

The short answer is yes. The long answer: OMG, I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW AWESOME THE GREAT BARRIER REEF IS AND EVERYONE, AT LEAST ONCE IN THEIR LIFETIME, SHOULD GO! Because I was sick, I was only able to organize one snorkeling trip and although that only gives you limited time to see anything, it at least gave both A and I an idea of how awesome the reef in its entity is!

We left early Wednesday morning to meet at a marina two hours away from our hotel. There we were greeted by an awesome tour guide and a variety of stinger suits and life vests which we both happily put on before realizing that we would have to wait two hours in these heat-traps. So we took the suits off again.

The hour long trip to the Whitsand islands was… water soaking. Although I welcomed the splash zone, I did not appreciate the bumpy ride especially because I knew A does not do well in such an environment. But surprisingly the water calmed down and so did A. Upon arrival we were greeted by some nice turtles.

 Whitsands' curves from above.
Whitsands’ curves from above.

Our tour guide took us to a lookout, but the heat and humidity were unbearable. My shirt, which had quickly dried from the ride, was now soaked in sweat. Hiking uphill for some time got me worried for a bit, but we had lots of water, so no worries. But I couldn’t wait to get into the dunes to see some of the wonderful wildlife and we saw loads of sharks while we cooled down from the heat.

After that, we were taken to our first snorkel spot. Due to bad weather, lots of sand was kicked up and visibility was very limited. But the sealife in hard and soft corals was just incredible, even more so in the second snorkel spot. I’d love to share some of the footage with you, but that will have to wait a bit, until the internet is a bit more stable (if I had one complaint about Australia it would be the internet connection…).

For now, here’s a photo from our plane ride:

Great Barrier Reef from above.
Great Barrier Reef from above.

So, do it already, buy your ticket and get over here!!! You won’t regret it!

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