Love at first flight!

A and I are enchanted by Singapore. A concrete jungle, mixed with Avatar-like concoctions, excitement pouring out of every fiber. You could call it love at first flight! From how easy it was to get through customs, literally took mere minutes and I got candy at the end, to how easy it was to get on a shuttle that would bring us to our front door for little money! Our hotel is gorgeous and has everything, that we need to recharge our travel batteries! What a place!

Moments after we landed!

We’ve only been here for less than 24 hours but orchidland got me seriously considering to grow an orchard in my own home (I already have four orchids, which I have cared for for as long as we’ve been living in Oslo, so we’re well on the way). Also, if you ever wonder: these are my favorite house plants (hint hint).

Orchids everywhere!

We took it easy in the morning, the flight over from Sydney was no joke and A needed some time to adjust. But once we were well fed and ready to go, we made our way to the botanic gardens. Strolling around, despite high humidity and hot temperatures, was a real treat, especially because of beauties like this:

Botanic garden waterfall

Although we will take it easy for the rest of the day, we cannot wait to see what this beautiful city has to offer these next few days especially food-wise. And as A is currently planning our food-ventures and also anything else we do in Singapore, I lean back and relax, watch the heavy rains fall while enjoying every second of a Singapore.

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