Where Avatar meets real life.

It’s been raining so much in Singapore, A and I have been swimming from one place to another. But a little rain never hurt anyone, right? Especially in a place with as much greenery and diversity as Singapore. So, on one of our daily excursions we were ducking for cover at the gardens by the bay. It’s magnificent, really, but hard to describe what it actually is.

Singaporean Avatar trees
Singaporean Avatar trees

Well, first of, it’s a garden and second, by the bay (naturally). But it’s also so much more. I came for the super trees (in the back) and stayed for the Cloud and Flower Domes and would have stayed forever, if I wasn’t soaking wet. We went in the middle of the day, meaning that all these awesome trees were in their natural beauty and also not lit up. But I absolutely loved it, because it’s a great excuse to come back in a couple days, when we’re not supposed to be kayaking through Singapore… I heard the light show was simply amazing and if it’s only a little like Avatar, we’re in for a serious treat…! Now only hoping the rain will light up one of these days.

But now, the serious stuff: the cloud dome was extraordinary, loads of clouds and flowers and trees and Lego statues, it was quite something! Apparently, they are trying to simulate what the jungle would look like, if there weren’t any animals or human impacts, I guess… Either way, a wonderful observatory and a welcome cooled off area from the rainy and hot outside. But all in all, just a magnificent place with the ability to transfer you anywhere you want, as long as you love incredible flowers up in the clouds.

The Cloud Dome
The Cloud Dome

The flower dome was impressive too, with a few hidden gems here and there:

But honestly, the cloud dome is where all the magic is at. After we strolled around and A’s allergies got the better of him, we decided to take a cab to the Singapore Flyer. Asia’s tallest ferris wheel, super stable and a wonderful way to see the city. A and I had an entire egg to ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed it, especially because of the grand view of the gardens by the bay (in the rain):

The view from the flyer
The view from the flyer

Despite the rain, we had a wonderful time. We went to a hawker center, ate like locals, were almost ripped off by a cab driver and overall had a blast. A already declared Singapore his most favorite place in the world (Hong Kong is still a close second) and we cannot wait to see what the next few days will have in store for us (other than an investment into a couple of rain coats).

Having a blast in Singapore.
Having a blast in Singapore.

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