Two weeks in and I can honestly say that this year has been the best one yet (but with A by my side, every year gets better). We’ve traveled far and wide, literally and especially in these past four weeks. But it’s time to return to Norway and pick up where we left of. Although I was away for a while, grand opportunities have already aligned and I’m thrilled and excited and anxious to get started. Both career wise and in our personal lives.

Lots of things are happening this year, A and I will celebrate our 9th anniversary, a certain someone is turning the big 3-0 (me, it’s me!), we have some fun plans for our summer vacation (nothing life threatening – I promised A) and eventually, in a year’s time we will head to the US for Christmas.

But as the old year passed and the new one already took off before I could even get buckled in, I want to reflect on our own perspective. Every coin has two sides and every story multiple ways of being told, there is no right or wrong, just what we see and understand. Traveling will inevitably expand that horizon by a million times ten. What seemed important minutes ago, all of a sudden has no meaning because other things will take its place. It’s natural, that’s what life is about!

I have always loved traveling, even more so as I grew older and got to make my own itinerary (much to A’ s dismay). And although I love traveling by myself (a lot), I love nothing more than sharing my travels with A. There’s only so many words that can express what I feel, but he is my everything.

I have no idea where the next journey, the next day, month or year will lead us, but I know that we will travel it together. We will expand our own ideas of what the world is and our role in it and with that hope to inspire, encourage and light a fire in others to do the same. After all, we are not solitary islands, we are a reef interwoven, riddled with beautiful creatures. Only holistically, standing together, do we make this world amazing. So this year, make it a grand one, forget your comfort zone and stand up, stand tall and stand together. Stay brave and beautiful even when the night raises its ugly face. Remember you are not alone and hold on to the ones that make the journey unforgettable. With this, both A and I wish you an incredibly happy new year (although fashionably late!).

Happy New Year! A&J
Happy New Year! A&J

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