Jess explores – Transferable skills (S2 E24)

When I was in school, my math teacher always used to say, “what you learn in this class will be usable in your other classes”. That never made sense to me – was I supposed to calculate how many words per hour someone could write in class? It wasn’t until much later that I understood the real lesson – the ability to take something I learnt in one context and use that knowledge, and the skills acquired in a completely different context. Transferable skills – as we like to call this learning experience.

Join me today, as I talk about my 10+ years of sales experience and some funny anecdotes and how that relates to what I do today and how you too should not disregard experiences you’ve made in different contexts. They are all beneficial because they enable you to see the world in a unique way.

P.S. I noticed that the audio was a bit quiet in the actual episode – that is much due to my dog, who was barking to her heart’s content and me trying to eliminate any background noise… Working from home, in it’s full glory.

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