Step away

Step away with me.
Talk to me.
Just a word.
A whisper.
A word.
Just step away with me.
Try to see it through my eyes.
As is.
Not as you want it to be.
Just look.
Take your eyes away from whatever imaginary fairy tale you concocted.
Step away.
Just for a moment and you’ll see! I promise you’ll see!
You’ll understand. The haze will lift and you will finally be able to see clearly again.
Don’t leave me hanging. Give it a chance.

It took a lot of convincing
But you reluctantly followed.
And I was so sure.
I was certain you’d come to understand.
I was so sure you’d take my side.
I was so sure you’d change your ways.
But it turns out,
What I showed you only strengthened your beliefs.
What I thought would strengthen our bond
Actually broke us.
Because we couldn’t agree
To see the world the same.

Where I thought you’d come to realise.
We couldn’t keep going.
If we did, we’d burn it to the ground.
You saw this as the only way out.
You doubled down.
You said the way we’ve been going
That was the way we had to continue on.
Soldier on.
The problem is,
Soldiers take orders,
Rarely do they act of free will.

Saving this,
Saving us,
That’s free will.
You didn’t want it though.
You didn’t want a world where free will would emancipate the world.
You wanted to control.
Control every little aspect of it.
And in the end,
You cannot control live this way.
You can try
But you’ll fail miserably.
So on you go,
go your way.
You know where to find me
When you’re ready to step away.

I will be here.
Stepping away from our ways.
Working towards a better future.
A brighter pathway.
Saving what I can from your ways.
And maybe,
Just maybe,
Maybe save us too.

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