Jess explores – What to do with live dolphin and whale strandings? (S3 E16)

For most people, seeing a whale or a dolphin is a memory of a lifetime. Sadly, sometimes whales and dolphins beach themselves and having seen them frolicking in the ocean, our gut-instinct could be trying to get them back into the water immediately. However, in most cases, when a whale or a dolphin beaches themselves, there is a reason and that may be that they’re sick or old and trying to get them back into the water could actually create more stress on them. So in this week’s episode I’ll be talking to you through what to do when you come across a dolphin or whale that is still alive but that will most likely not survive.

Please be advised that this subject may require careful consideration when listening with children.

The mantra of anything ocean related is always: When in doubt stay out!

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