Oh, the places we may go…

2017 has been everything and nothing like I expected. It's been a whirlwind of craziness, most of which I successfully already forgot. Seriously, this year there was so much going on around the world, it's hard to keep up. I really don't remember half of the things that happened (and I'm guessing in most cases, that's... Continue Reading →

Breath of Fresh Air.

Air is life. We all know that. No air = no life, I think we can all agree on that. There is nothing like fresh air after a long hard day at work... I wish there were proper words to describe how fresh air smells, but the best I can come up with is rejuvenating.... Continue Reading →


In about 48 hours A and I will be on our way to La-La-Land (also known as Los Angeles). Although we've lived in the US for quite some time and we both, independently have traveled to the west coast, we've never made it out to LA. There's actually a lot of places that we live... Continue Reading →

My blue carry-on

About a year ago A and I went to the US and hopelessly overshopped. Living in Norway teaches you to keep your shopping to the periods of times when you're out of the country. Things are hopelessly overpriced compared to what you could get for the same kind of money abroad (and that's taking the... Continue Reading →

Broken Shards

All my life, all I wanted to be was a writer. I didn't care what I wrote, where I wrote, why I wrote, I just wanted to write and that's what I've done all my life: write. It's the only way I can truly communicate, the only way I can actually express what I my... Continue Reading →

This is why. Part 2

My very first blog post - ever (a couple of different blog servers before with completely unusable user interfaces) - I decided to start writing our story. Lately, however (the last year and a half), it's been difficult keeping up the writing. Not for the lack of wanting to write, because I love writing and... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, love.

Today is A's birthday! You'd never know though from the days we celebrate his birthday on. See, A is a very busy person. AND, sadly, until he met me, he never thought much of birthdays, and therefore never realized the importance of a BIRTHDAY. A birthday in my family is the most wonderful day one... Continue Reading →

Hidden gems.

I figured, since it's been snowing and super cold in Oslo, what would be better than summer-dreaming, so this goes back to last August, when we visited a little island called Chios... If you don't know anything about Chios, you should know this: Chios is rich in landscapes! On many different occasions I found myself in... Continue Reading →

One last goodbye, Philadelphia.

The first home you make for yourself, will always hold a special place in your heart! It's like your first love: you only remember the good times. The first look, the first kiss, the excitement and the thrill of it all. Rarely do people recall the breakup, the heartache, the moments where you think the... Continue Reading →

Go big and go home.

I have the tendency to go big and then go home - bear with me. I am no fan of small gestures, I mean, yes of course, in everyday life, small gestures are fine and important, but generally I love big gestures. They require planning, anticipation and endless amounts of patience but most importantly, big... Continue Reading →

The walk of chafe

Okay, so now that you know a little about Chios and you know a little more about the driving situation in Chios, let me tell you about some of the things that one definitely should (not) miss. Fall has officially arrived in Oslo, and people surprisingly wasted no time getting their parkers, their big scarfs... Continue Reading →

Where rainbows end.

I absolutely love rainbows. I haven't always though, because the analytical side of my mind clearly tells me that there is nothing special about rainbows, no pot of gold anywhere, just the breaking of light in water drops. A rainbow can (as the name suggests) only appear when there is rain and (although not so... Continue Reading →

Love is Love.

I have been happily married for a little under four years now and I can honestly say that marriage is everything I never thought it would be: the good and the bad. First things first: Marriage is not for everyone and I acknowledge that. Some people simply don't wish to be married although committed and... Continue Reading →

The drive from hell

Okay, so now that you know a little about Chios, let me tell you about some of the things that one definitely should (not) miss. Chios, for the most part, has paved roads, although some of them questionable of size and functionality. If you find yourself in a little back alley, not fit for one... Continue Reading →

So, that’s where he’s from…

In preparation for the next few blog posts about our amazing Greece trip, I decided to give you a short intro to the island of Chios, the place where beach hair is a must, you never go hungry and the ocean is never far. My husband is American-Greek, although he would call himself being just... Continue Reading →

Love times infinity.

A has traveled the world, literally, but thankfully this world is so big, that I trust he will always find new exciting places to go, because that's just how A is: Always in search for a new thrill (within a safe environment, mind you, so he won't be climbing Mount Everest or swim with Great... Continue Reading →

The many adventures of my backpack

Spoiler alert: huge announcement at the end of this blog post! My backpack and I traveled the world together. My backpack is not one of these new models that are super snazzy and come with millions of gadgets, my backpack is just a backpack. In some areas the seams have come undone, the colors are not... Continue Reading →

Unrequited love

When I was 14 my family and I took a trip to Tunisia where I went paragliding over the Mediterranean Sea. The operators liked me so much, they offered to take me out on the boat, to show me around. To this day, this is still one of my most favorite memories of all time.... Continue Reading →

My broken compass.

In 2011 when A and I first moved to Norway, we didn't know what to expect. We moved to a strange country, with strange food customs and a strange language, knowing nothing about where we would be and how long we were going to stay. We got on a plane, had a way-too-expensive two week... Continue Reading →

My Sanctuary.

I spent the last few months as a prisoner of my own work. Captivated (see what I did there?!) by my own words. I've written so much, I made my head hurt - literally. It felt like my brain was exploding working hard trying to find out the ins and outs of my own writings.... Continue Reading →

The magic of music.

Every life is accompanied by music, no matter where you are from, no matter where you are headed: Music is and always will be part of your journey. I fell in love with music when I was little. My childhood household wasn't very musical, both my brother and I played the recorder and the guitar... Continue Reading →

4 seasons of Vienna

The first time I fell in love with Vienna was in the summer of 2004. Most days I spent with my best friend running around day and night, tanning poolside during the days, spending warm summer nights on roof tops, looking at the stars, laughing hysterically and imagining our future bright and wonderful. We met... Continue Reading →

Nürnberger sausage love.

This Christmas A and I decided to travel to Nuremberg to experience Europe’s biggest Christmas market. After all, no one does Christmas markets quite like Continental Europe and if you have ever been, you know what I mean! It’s a food coma mixed with hot spicy drinks and just an overall exciting feeling of jollyness.... Continue Reading →

One plate too many in Barcelona

I honestly have no idea how the year passed by so quickly but my hunch is that  constantly being on the move had something to do with it. Going places makes you feel like the world turns twice as fast while you are stuck in an airport/in an airplane/on the train, what ever your preferred... Continue Reading →

Best of 2016.

As the curtain of 2016 silently falls – no one calling for an encore – we look filled with enthusiasm towards 2017. A and I have a million ideas for the coming year and are very excited to share them with you, once they come into being. But for now, I want to thank you... Continue Reading →

My emotional hairline fracture

There is a few things in life that one cannot recover from. A broken heart is one of these things. I think the initial crack, is what hurts the most. It's like a hairline fracture, it seems so tiny and innocent and yet it causes you excruciating pain. Of course, time heals all wounds (or so... Continue Reading →

Three days in paradise.

#summer2k16 so far has everything but what I imagined it would be. I left for Germany on July 5th for three weeks of intense catering to teenagers’ needs. To be honest, I don’t know what I expected but I can with 100% certainty say, I did not expect this. The three weeks were intense emotionally... Continue Reading →


About a month ago I finished the last exam for the semester. Since then I've been in a summer-break daze. I guess the first five months of the year have been so crazy, that once I delivered my last exam I just checked out - mentally. That's not to say, that I've been laying around... Continue Reading →

French fries, caves and a mosasaurus

After a stressful but successful semester and a short and exhausting trip to Berlin I visited A in Maastricht, Netherlands. Now, I don't know how much you know about the Netherlands, but my knowledge was limited to windmills, wooden clogs and a crazy love for bikes. All my prejudices were instantly debunked: The only windmill I... Continue Reading →

Love you to the depth of the oceans and back.

If you are lucky, you can point to a handful of life-altering moments in your lifetime. Maybe the day you earned your first cheque, your first real life goal accomplishment, your last cigarette... Those moments manifest themselves in funny ways, usually at times when you least expect them. It's not just simple memories and it's... Continue Reading →

The truth about Norway

When A and I first moved to Norway, all I could think about was the opportunity to finally be together with A in the same country without having to say goodbye. Beyond that single most wonderful thought, being finally able to share my life with A, I never gave Norway a second thought. Norway looked... Continue Reading →

Love always finds a way.

One time, several years ago, one day after I arrived in the US after not having seen A for months, I locked myself out of the apartment while he was at work. That was pre-Wifi and pre-smartphones and generally during a time, where simcards were not generally used in the US. It was 11 am... Continue Reading →

The year of the elephant.

Seven years ago A and I sat in a Silver Diner somewhere in Virginia and shared a slice of warm apple pie with vanilla custard. A wore a jeans jacket, his curly dark hair framed his strong facial features and he looked at me, as if I was the most foreign thing, he has ever... Continue Reading →

My babushka named Tallinn

Traveling is part of A's and my relationship. So this year, for our 7th year anniversary A and I went to Tallinn, Estonia, because apparently Norway is not cold enough for us but also because the tickets to Tallinn were the cheapest ones we could find for a romantic getaway without having to break the... Continue Reading →

7 tips for 7 years.

A and I have been together 7 years today. 7 years that felt like 7 minutes. 7 years filled with laughter and crazy unexpected experiences and most of all, 7 years filled with love. And after 7 years I can honestly say, that our relationship is EVERYTHING I never thought possible. In these 7 years... Continue Reading →

The end, part 6

  This is the final and last part of our month-long road-trip through the US and I know you're thinking, "Geesh, finally, took you long enough". And yes, it took me almost longer to finish the road-trip saga than actually being on the road-trip with A. So yes, this is the final installment, the one... Continue Reading →

Music town, Part 5

A note of warning, before I jump into the fifth part of our month long road-trip: Because our trip was so extensive, eventful and wonderful at the same time, I decided to split my blog into several installments. The first part recapitulated our initial car-troubles whereas the second part told the wonderful story about excessive amounts of... Continue Reading →

With a heavy heart, part 4

A note of warning, before I jump into the fourth part of our month long road-trip: Because our trip was so extensive, eventful and wonderful at the same time, I decided to split my blog into several installments. The first part recapitulated our initial car-troubles whereas the second part told the wonderful story about excessive amounts of... Continue Reading →

Helt Texas, part 3

A note of warning, before I jump into the third part of our month long road-trip: Because our trip was so extensive, eventful and wonderful at the same time, I decided to split my blog into several installments. This first part recapitulated our initial car-troubles whereas the second part told the wonderful story about excessive amounts of... Continue Reading →

I am NOT hungry, part 2

A note of warning, before I jump into the second part of our month long road-trip: Because our trip was so extensive, eventful and wonderful at the same time, I decided to split my blog into several installments. This first part deals with the initial jetlag, the rental car and the road trip that A had... Continue Reading →

All bad things come in threes, part 1

To say the least, A and I are exhausted. We just returned from a month-long eat-and-drive-cation from the US and jetlag is kicking our butts. Day becomes night and night becomes day, thankfully this is not our first rodeo and we know how to deal with it: do not engage with other human beings because your... Continue Reading →

Eat-cation 2.0

The last half year has been incredibly stressful for A and me. We desperately needed a few days to ourselves, away from home, away from responsibilities, away from everything that we love (except for each other). So we did the only sensible thing: going on an eat-cation. Remember Vilnius earlier this year? That's when I... Continue Reading →

Half of something else.

With every great opportunity comes great sacrifice. You cannot have the one without the other. For me, the sacrifice is a simple one, for all the opportunities I was lucky to have so far in my life, I had to give time, time away from A and vice versa. We have been married for almost... Continue Reading →

Date night in Oslo.

Time flies. Somehow it has almost been 7 years since I first met A and we have been married for almost 2 years. As fall approaches, A and I try to make time for the little things in life. The things that too often get forgotten: date night. It's quite surprising, actually, how two people that... Continue Reading →

The constant in my life.

Staying positive is difficult. No matter how good the cause, I guarantee you, one cannot always stay positive. Not you and not me. For the past several weeks I felt gloomy, maybe even defeated. I buried myself in work and school and volunteering and yet I still had enough time to feel a bit out... Continue Reading →

The vacation that wasn’t

When you are in a relationship you learn to compromise. There are, of course, different levels of compromise. Some compromises are tiny, like where you go out for dinner or who cleans the hamster cage, other compromises are a bit bigger, e.g. who pays what bills and who cleans the bathroom. For A and me,... Continue Reading →

To do, to don’t, to done.

When A and I first moved to Norway, some odd forever years ago (that's at least how long it feels), we agreed that hiking to Preikestolen is on our absolute MUST to do list! Every other month or so, we would go back and look at the breathtaking pictures, telling each other, that next vacation... Continue Reading →

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