Best of 2016.

As the curtain of 2016 silently falls – no one calling for an encore – we look filled with enthusiasm towards 2017. A and I have a million ideas for the coming year and are very excited to share them with you, once they come into being. But for now, I want to thank you... Continue Reading →

It’s always sunny above the clouds.

When I was young, my dad was terrified of flying. He would try not to sleep the night before, so when he got to the airplane the next day he could just pass out and would not have to think about take off and landing and all the things in between. Flying never scared me,... Continue Reading →


About a month ago I finished the last exam for the semester. Since then I've been in a summer-break daze. I guess the first five months of the year have been so crazy, that once I delivered my last exam I just checked out - mentally. That's not to say, that I've been laying around... Continue Reading →

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