The year of the elephant.

Seven years ago A and I sat in a Silver Diner somewhere in Virginia and shared a slice of warm apple pie with vanilla custard. A wore a jeans jacket, his curly dark hair framed his strong facial features and he looked at me, as if I was the most foreign thing, he has ever... Continue Reading →

Food is not a problem here.

It all started with my mom when she turned 33. I was 5 at that time and despite the 22 years that have passed since that day, it is still the most vivid memory I have of how to celebrate a birthday in style. I remember my mom being excited for days. I also remember... Continue Reading →

A quarter of a century.

I have to admit, after my 25th birthday, I underwent a little quarter-of-a-century-crises. I am not quite sure if the work-load and school-stress were getting to me, or if I was just being silly about turning 25. After all, nothing changes when you turn a year older, right? You do not magically get the superpower... Continue Reading →

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