The concept of ghosting is the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication (courtesy of Wikipedia). I've been ghosted on, more than once, let me tell you it's not pleasant. Ever. Being ghosted on leaves you doubting yourself, questioning your every move, wondering whether or... Continue Reading →

Tough Decisions.

I love my life, I do. Every single ounce of discomfort and every inch of happiness, it all makes up for a pretty good recipe of my life. Like I stressed plenty of times before, I did not have a difficult life. I had to make some tough decisions here and there (let's say relatively... Continue Reading →

The first Christmas?

A few days before Christmas A and I headed back to Oslo. We were getting ready for our very own first Christmas together. Being a family-person, I always had big Christmas celebrations, many people coming over, having dinner together, playing games, just being merry together, fun, arguments, too much to eat and what ever else... Continue Reading →

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