Jess explores – Carbon storage and whales (S3 E7)

I recently learned that it is not common knowledge that whales store carbon... A huge gap in knowledge, if you ask me, and something I failed to address all these times I talked about whales so far... So, on this week's episode let's talk about it! Why are whales the most awesome animals on this... Continue Reading →

Jess explores – Ocean Action = Climate Action (S3 E6)

Why are we addressing ocean action, climate action, biodiversity - and really anything environmental - in a siloed approach? The reality is that they are all interconnected, but yet they are often portrayed like separate issues. In this week's episode, I'm tackling why we need to talk about these issues in a holistic way! Tune... Continue Reading →

My addiction

They say the first step of recovery is realizing that you have a problem. I have an immense problem and it's that not more people love the ocean as much as I do, it's a real struggle and painful to see how little knowledge people have about our most important life-line. I've always been incredibly... Continue Reading →

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