Angry desperation and going the extra mile.

Tempt not a desperate man. - W. Shakespeare I think the worst part about being human is, recognizing when you cannot help. The moment, when you realize that you are helpless and you have to give up, even if every fiber in body is working against that notion. The moment, you have to just let... Continue Reading →

Catch me if you can.

A and I did not only travel to Tromsø to see the aurora, although it was one of our main goals. The other one was to see whales. To me whales are the most awesomest creatures in this world, second to A of course. I cannot tell you what this obsession is actually about but to... Continue Reading →

Rough patch…

Every relationship goes through ups and downs. It's the way of life. I don't know a single couple that not at one or another time had some rough patches. It usually starts small with some kind of disagreement, that evolves into something bigger, something unbearable, until one day you either get over it or you... Continue Reading →

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