Dance with me

In our everyday lives, there is not enough room for dancing. As a child you'll break into a dance any chance you get. Who needs to set one foot in front of the other, when you could just as easily twirl, skip, hop, side-step, and whatever else your preferred method of moving forward was when... Continue Reading →

The magic of music.

Every life is accompanied by music, no matter where you are from, no matter where you are headed: Music is and always will be part of your journey. I fell in love with music when I was little. My childhood household wasn't very musical, both my brother and I played the recorder and the guitar... Continue Reading →

Stand by me.

My grandma spoke not a lick of English, and although she didn't understand the lyrics to it, one of her all time favorite songs was the song Stand by me, and I don't mean the original 1961 version, but the 90ies version by a Chicago-band called 4 the cause. I remember one time, when my dad... Continue Reading →

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