Jess explores – How to refloat a healthy dolphin? (S3 E17)

Last week I talked about what to do to keep dolphins and whales comfortable when they beach themselves and the likelihood of survival is slim. In this week's episode I want to talk about how to ensure a successful refloat of dolphins - if the animal is 1. healthy and 2. and you are able... Continue Reading →

Jess explores – What to do with live dolphin and whale strandings? (S3 E16)

For most people, seeing a whale or a dolphin is a memory of a lifetime. Sadly, sometimes whales and dolphins beach themselves and having seen them frolicking in the ocean, our gut-instinct could be trying to get them back into the water immediately. However, in most cases, when a whale or a dolphin beaches themselves,... Continue Reading →

All I want for Christmas…

We've only been in Australia for a few hours, so there is little I can tell about our fourth stop just yet, you know other than the Airbnb incident... Fear not though, we will be here for about two weeks, so there will be lots of stories to tell. But I want to tell you... Continue Reading →


The plot: Martin Brody is the new police chief of Amity, an island resort town somewhere in New England. He has a wife named Ellen, and two sons named Michael and Sean. On a Summer morning, Brody is called to the beach, where the mangled body of Summer vacationer Chrissie Watkins has washed ashore. Shark... Continue Reading →

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