Education and Empowerment.

Little girls and boys go hungry. All around the world. Every night. Tween girls and boys are fighting wars that aren't theirs. Wars they don't understand. Grown up women and men are discussing important issues every single chance they get, sometimes with good intentions, sometimes with bad and the vast majority of us? The vast... Continue Reading →

The color of life.

When I first arrived back in Oslo, it seemed impossible to go back to my all to familiar school/work-routine that I carefully had created for myself. The first morning back at home, as I laid in my bed, the very bed that I had missed for so long, staring at the ceiling, noticing that there were... Continue Reading →

When the night has gone…

I have few regrets in life, only one haunts me still... My grandma was the most amazing woman I ever knew. She had many flaws, laughed rarely and was very skeptical of anything and anyone and yet, she was kind-hearted and full of love but what I remember most about her is her sense of... Continue Reading →

Decisions, decisions…

The last month or so has been a never ending roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. The ups definitely outweigh the downs and I can honestly say, I have never felt like this before in my life. I am, if you haven't noticed yet, a feminist, and I whole-heartily believe in equality. To me, equality... Continue Reading →

The Pursuit of Happiness

As I scroll through my facebook-newsfeed this morning, a terrible feeling overcomes me. I scroll through posts and posts of sadness, suffering and sacrifice and I cannot help but wonder, what is wrong with us? Is this what we choose to do with what we have? Are we that self-involved that  we feel the need... Continue Reading →

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