Poland: Where the empty stomach meets the happy soul.

A couple years ago, on first wedding anniversary, A and I went out for pizza and drinks at a some-what nice restaurant in Oslo. Given that we celebrated our wedding in Italy, celebrating our first year at the pizza place around the corner seemed like a good idea. The pizzas were mediocre (if you had the... Continue Reading →

One plate too many in Barcelona

I honestly have no idea how the year passed by so quickly but my hunch is that  constantly being on the move had something to do with it. Going places makes you feel like the world turns twice as fast while you are stuck in an airport/in an airplane/on the train, what ever your preferred... Continue Reading →

The future dinner.

They say love travels through the stomach. Turns out, love is not the only thing that travels through the stomach. Basically anything you eat travels through your stomach (hopefully). For most Westerners this means pasta, pizza and ... (fill in the blank). Because of new knowledge we have acquired over recent years, we now also have... Continue Reading →

Love knows no distance.

The Space Between What's wrong and right Is where you find me hiding, waiting for you The Space Between Your heart and mine Is the space we'll fill with time (- Dave Matthews Band, "The Space Between") I'd be lying if I'd say, I didn't get excited when A's plane finally (after a 70 minutes... Continue Reading →

At the Polish embassy

How did we ever end up there? It all started about a month ago when A forwarded an email from his boss. To be honest I didn't read it, all I read was A's p.s. "free beer and food, you in?" And of course I said yes. I didn't even finish reading the p.s. when... Continue Reading →

Kalimera Hellas

Did you ever find yourself in a foreign country looking for something, knowing, that if you were 'home', it'd be in Walmart's aisle 5? A and I have been trying to get used to Norwegian customs. Pre-cooked chicken bagged up in some kind of soggy sauce, they got it. Pre-made dinner, probably cooked last year... Continue Reading →

…chocolate covered strawberries.

If you'd ask me to describe my relationship with A, I'd say we are like a chocolate covered strawberry. Chocolate = awesome (A) Strawberries = delicious (me) Chocolate + strawberries = awesome delight (A & me) The thing about them is though, that it takes patience to make them. It takes a good eye to... Continue Reading →

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