Jess explores – Aerial acrobatics for beginners (S2 E40)

When I was younger, I loved the idea of going to the circus. In fact, I don't actually think I went all that often, but it was one of these magical experiences in my mind. It was never about the animals, but what I absolutely loved were the people and their ability to do things... Continue Reading →

To do, to don’t, to done.

When A and I first moved to Norway, some odd forever years ago (that's at least how long it feels), we agreed that hiking to Preikestolen is on our absolute MUST to do list! Every other month or so, we would go back and look at the breathtaking pictures, telling each other, that next vacation... Continue Reading →

The fake crocogator

The concept of time is funny. It is the essence to our lives, without time, there is no begin and no end. Time is where we start and time is where we end. And after experiencing the three - almost - longest hours in my life, the concept of time became very clear to me.... Continue Reading →

The birthday surprise

As my birthday is right around the corner - only 3 days away - I can't help but to think back 6 years ago. I turned 18 that spring(ish - not sure what the 1st of May counts as... Late spring, early summer?) and my friend Corona (that's obviously not her real name but protecting... Continue Reading →

Rough patch…

Every relationship goes through ups and downs. It's the way of life. I don't know a single couple that not at one or another time had some rough patches. It usually starts small with some kind of disagreement, that evolves into something bigger, something unbearable, until one day you either get over it or you... Continue Reading →

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