Take me with you.

Throughout my plentiful journeys I have found myself often looking to my right and left and realizing that I was by myself. I'm not heartless, of course, every now and then I would feel a small tug on my heartstrings but for the most part you will find me standing tall and proud. Taking in... Continue Reading →

By my side.

I was 14 the first time I saw my grandma, I mean really saw the person that┬ámy late grandma was. It was at a tram station in the center of Vienna. She held my brother, who was about two years old on his hand and she was waiting at the station for me. I saw... Continue Reading →

When the night has gone…

I have few regrets in life, only one haunts me still... My grandma was the most amazing woman I ever knew. She had many flaws, laughed rarely and was very skeptical of anything and anyone and yet, she was kind-hearted and full of love but what I remember most about her is her sense of... Continue Reading →

My Wrinkly Old Self

As I stare into the mirror, I realize there are wrinkles where there haven't been any before. The reflection I stare at shows discoloration and sagginess (also that's not a word) in the oddest places, has that always been there? Wear and tear everywhere but yet, I'm still happy with what I see, every single... Continue Reading →

It’s time to talk

I am back home (= with A, where I belong; where it's rainy and cold at the end of May; where my hamster snores loudly; where I know, I have all the time in the world to be with the most wonderful man I know). I somehow survived the last week and a half and... Continue Reading →

Stand up to cancer

This year was full of surprises, good ones and not so good ones. It was a challenging year and they say, that's the only way you can grow, sometimes I wonder what 'they' were thinking, when they started those rumors... Last Thursday we flew to Vienna to pay our respects to my late grandma. She... Continue Reading →

I am so proud of you, Grandma.

My grandma is the greatest woman I have ever known. She's a strong-headed woman, a stubborn woman, a woman with so much love, words wouldn't be able to express it. A family-person, a great cook (aren't all grandmas?), a wonderful story-teller, someone who always listens and has the biggest of all hearts. She's been always... Continue Reading →

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