We’ve made it to our third stop: Hawaii and we’re instantly greeted with hot air and humidity. Can it get any better than this? We arrived late at night, so we didn’t see much just yet but we have fun things planned for our short time here. Both A and I are incredibly excited, after the... Continue Reading →

Valley of Fire

On our last full day in and around Las Vegas we decided to drive to The Valley of Fire and be inspired. The Valley is about an hour long drive away from the Las Vegas strip and definitely a worth while stop that no one should miss. Especially if you like rocks, sand and a... Continue Reading →

Love kernels

Bear with me, all of this has a point: I absolutely love Rachel Bloom in the tv-show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The character, Rebecca Bunch, played by Rachel Bloom, is a dillusional, hilariously funny protagonist with a flair for drama. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check it out. The coolest thing about this show are... Continue Reading →

Catching feels

Yesterday, we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast in Pasadena and made our way west wards. The Mojave desert is unlike anything I've ever seen. The landscape is so impressive, mountains and hills and vast sandy plains and cactuses, as far as the eye can see. And sun. Lots and lots of sun, something I've come to... Continue Reading →

Go big and go home.

I have the tendency to go big and then go home - bear with me. I am no fan of small gestures, I mean, yes of course, in everyday life, small gestures are fine and important, but generally I love big gestures. They require planning, anticipation and endless amounts of patience but most importantly, big... Continue Reading →

Highest honor to my maid.

When a girl gets engaged, her reaction will almost always be the same. Kinda like the one in the big bang theory. And when you call your mom to tell her, she will almost always start bursting into tears. When you call your brother, he will congratulate you and be happy for you. When you... Continue Reading →

What happens in Vegas…

Prologue: This is - for a change - not about A and me, it is about my friends and me traveling to Vegas, having a wonderful, well deserved birthday vacation with some memorable episodes.  In December 2008 I celebrated Christmas with my mom's extended family in L.A. and San Francisco. I had my big brother... Continue Reading →

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