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When moving to a different country, or state for that matter, you get to experience a new culture, new customs, you get to meet new people, enjoy a life that otherwise you would have never known. It's fun, it's exciting, it's amazing and yes, it is freaking scary. So what did my marketing-teacher in high-school... Continue Reading →

Home sweet (new) home

Wow, wait a second, is it March already? Time is flying by. The last few months have just been extraordinarily interesting, crazy and just... wow, to sum it up. As you know a week ago we received the keys to our wonderful new apartment and now, for the first time ever, am I blogging from... Continue Reading →

The Martinsens

The Martinsens were a nice couple, I imagine. They've traveled quite a lot and have been all over the place, at least according to all the framed pics and some of the artwork that we took off the walls.One of the Martinsens was a musical genius, or at least somewhat good and loved the violin... Continue Reading →

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