Jess explores – sea kayaking for beginners (S2 E27)

I love being in/on/at/by the ocean, so a couple weeks ago, I tried a new way of enjoying the marine space - through sea kayaking. I took a 2-day-course a couple weeks ago and what started as a fun excursion quickly transitioned into a nightmare of hand-eye-coordination resulting in very sore muscles and a somewhat... Continue Reading →

My addiction

They say the first step of recovery is realizing that you have a problem. I have an immense problem and it's that not more people love the ocean as much as I do, it's a real struggle and painful to see how little knowledge people have about our most important life-line. I've always been incredibly... Continue Reading →

No regrets

If you throw a stone into a body of water, it'll create ripples with far reaching effects. Also, if you put an object into a glass filled with liquid, the object will displace the liquid. - So, no matter what you do with water, most likely you will notice some sort of change. And if... Continue Reading →

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