The end, part 6

  This is the final and last part of our month-long road-trip through the US and I know you're thinking, "Geesh, finally, took you long enough". And yes, it took me almost longer to finish the road-trip saga than actually being on the road-trip with A. So yes, this is the final installment, the one... Continue Reading →

Our 3rd date

I took it upon myself to plan our third date, I wanted it to be a memorable, magnificent, special day for the both of us, I wanted it to be the very last third date we both would ever experience (but then again, the same goes for the first date, the second date, the first... Continue Reading →

…a matter of seconds.

As of today we have been together 938 days, a few days short of 1,000. People often say things like, 'Today is the first day of the rest of my life'. Every now and then you meet a person who meant what they said and you see huge changes within them. You see how much... Continue Reading →

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