Happy birthday, love.

Today is A's birthday! You'd never know though from the days we celebrate his birthday on. See, A is a very busy person. AND, sadly, until he met me, he never thought much of birthdays, and therefore never realized the importance of a BIRTHDAY. A birthday in my family is the most wonderful day one... Continue Reading →

The year of the elephant.

Seven years ago A and I sat in a Silver Diner somewhere in Virginia and shared a slice of warm apple pie with vanilla custard. A wore a jeans jacket, his curly dark hair framed his strong facial features and he looked at me, as if I was the most foreign thing, he has ever... Continue Reading →

Scavenging Christmas.

Christmas came and left way too quickly if you ask me. The weeks leading up to Christmas have been crazy. Finishing up my semester at school, running my half-marathon and working overtime. Somehow though, I made it through long working-Sundays and crazy customers, through endless hours of analyzing films and writing home-exams and through ice-cold... Continue Reading →

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