Jess explores – Challenge Status-Quo (S2 E45)

Have you ever looked in a room and thought to yourself, "whoa, everyone looks the same here"? Be it the way people dress or behave or where they come from... It can make you feel really isolated and really lonely, especially when you feel like you may not fit in! For most of my upbringing... Continue Reading →

Jess explores – Work Responsibilities (S2 E46)

I cannot tell you how many times I was asked to finish (or start) a task and had absolutely no clue what to do or how to do it and it sometimes made me doubt my own ability to do anything and with that all the small voices came creeping in that I may not... Continue Reading →

Jess explores – Academic conferences (S2 E41)

Have you ever wondered why there were so many academic conferences and who attends all of these? And also - why do academics go to all of these? In this week's episode we explore academic conferences, why they are important, and who should attend them, and when to maybe not to attend...

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