Jess explores – Snorkeling for beginners (S2 E30)

As the weather's heating up (and with that the urge to go to the ocean becomes stronger), I want to explore snorkeling with you! It's one of my favourite ocean-related activities because you don't need much experience, all you need is a snorkel and a mask and you're good to go! So on this week's... Continue Reading →

Dry suit it up!

Putting on a dry suit was among the most physically uncomfortable situations I've ever been in. Compared to a wet suit, you put on a dry suit to stay dry (naturally!), which is especially important when you're in cold water where you're otherwise running the risk of getting hypothermia. A dry suit is quite heavy... Continue Reading →

The Snorkel of a Lifetime

I tried to keep this blogpost light and airy and short, none of which I feel like I achieved, but this blogpost is also one that I have worked on for quite some time and now finally I feel like I reached a point where I'm comfortable with sharing it with you. I hope you... Continue Reading →

Two places at once.

Did you ever feel like there was not enough time and you needed to rush between places? Well, in Iceland you can be in two places at once without ever feeling like you have to use time travel or travel faster than light. I know, that my childhood was a bit different than others. Not... Continue Reading →

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