In transit

Last week A and I traveled to Geneva, we had a long layover in Amsterdam. And when I say long, I actually mean long, 21 hours long. 21 hours are a long time to wait, especially in transit. But we did the smart thing: booked a hotel near the hotel and actually took the day... Continue Reading →

Water and Sunshine.

Water. All life forms need water. There is no single organism that does not require water - at least on this planet. Of course, we humans are more complicated than that and need a million more things to live a fulfilled life. For me, however, the two things that I need in life are water and... Continue Reading →

(Almost) All I ever wanted

After four weeks in India, I can tell you one thing: there is such a thing as too much curry. Eating various types of curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner makes you eventually feel like you would give a kingdom for anything but curry. Eventually your clothes will start smelling like curry and so will... Continue Reading →

The truth about Norway

When A and I first moved to Norway, all I could think about was the opportunity to finally be together with A in the same country without having to say goodbye. Beyond that single most wonderful thought, being finally able to share my life with A, I never gave Norway a second thought. Norway looked... Continue Reading →

The Beijing Symphony

You know, how they say all roads lead to Rome? Well none of them apparently make a detour through Beijing and there is a good reason for it: it is loud and messy and crazy busy and confusing. The biggest difference between Rome and Beijing, however, from my subjective point of view that is, must... Continue Reading →

Nowhere to go but home

In the summer of 2006 when I found myself in Germany, experiencing my very first summer away from home, I realized something very crucial, in fact so crucial, the realization still follows me everywhere I go. The circumstances, as to why I was where I was, are easily explained. I was 18, seeking for an... Continue Reading →

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