The value we give ourselves.

Today I learnt a lesson from a man, who had nothing to give. I am not a materialistic person. I do not care what car you drive, how big your apartment is or how many ice cube trays your fridge can hold. It virtually means nothing to me, of course if you invite me to... Continue Reading →


When I was little my parents always used to say, "until you are married, the pain you feel now will be gone". It was their way to let me know, that first of all, I apparently had to get married for all my little bruises to heal and secondly that no pain will last forever.... Continue Reading →

Your story.

I sometimes wonder about people. I wonder about their outlook on life and their ideas of what life should be like. I am equally impressed and disgusted by their actions, depending on who is acting and who is reacting and in what way. We raise children, planting the idea in their heads that they can... Continue Reading →

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