Love at first flight!

A and I are enchanted by Singapore. A concrete jungle, mixed with Avatar-like concoctions, excitement pouring out of every fiber. You could call it love at first flight! From how easy it was to get through customs, literally took mere minutes and I got candy at the end, to how easy it was to get... Continue Reading →

Homage to Steve

I am not a fan of traditional zoos, for obvious reasons but I couldn't travel to Australia and not pay homage to the man that made me fall in love with animals and who sparked a deep interest and care in me for all the beautiful creatures of this world. You know who I'm talking... Continue Reading →


We’ve made it to our third stop: Hawaii and we’re instantly greeted with hot air and humidity. Can it get any better than this? We arrived late at night, so we didn’t see much just yet but we have fun things planned for our short time here. Both A and I are incredibly excited, after the... Continue Reading →

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