Side note: Glasklar is a German expression which means that something is as clear as glass, it's easy to understand and see-through and evident and does not require any further explanation. I just had a full-blown mental breakdown (or as much of a breakdown as people like me will be able to experience one). If... Continue Reading →

The stories we tell ourselves

Humans are excellent storytellers, we fabricate ideas, formulate story lines, interpret and analyze every little detail, of what ever is happening before our eyes just to make sense of it in our the picture of the world we create for ourselves. To date, I am not aware of any other species that does this, so... Continue Reading →


I sometimes forget that not everyone gets the chance to experience the things that I am fortunate enough to experience. I keep telling myself (and anyone who asks) that everything I do, everyone else can do to. And while that is true in theory, I know that in practice that this is not true. So,... Continue Reading →

Incremental change.

They say the beginning is always a good place to start telling a story. Most stories, however, don't have one distinctive moment where they start. Most beginnings are creeping in, it's when you're nearing the end, that you're realizing that something has begun. If I had to pinpoint the date, I'd say my journey started... Continue Reading →


The golden rule in scuba diving is to always breathe or rather not to ever stop breathing. If you ask me, this is a pretty good rule in life regardless of your environment. In recent months, however, I found it increasingly more difficult to just breathe. It's such a minor thing, really, you don't even... Continue Reading →

One last goodbye, Philadelphia.

The first home you make for yourself, will always hold a special place in your heart! It's like your first love: you only remember the good times. The first look, the first kiss, the excitement and the thrill of it all. Rarely do people recall the breakup, the heartache, the moments where you think the... Continue Reading →

The Twinkies in me.

Side note: You may replace the Twinkies with any sugary treat that you can personally relate to. I am not endorsing Twinkies, I just like the word. Let's get one thing straight: I am a woman and I am in charge of my own body. You'd think that a simple statement like that wouldn't need... Continue Reading →

The Snorkel of a Lifetime

I tried to keep this blogpost light and airy and short, none of which I feel like I achieved, but this blogpost is also one that I have worked on for quite some time and now finally I feel like I reached a point where I'm comfortable with sharing it with you. I hope you... Continue Reading →

Show your true colors

Sunday, 12. January 2014: The morning started out great. Or not. It was horrible, knowing that we could have seen the northern lights the night before if we only would have moved our asses out of bed and actually gone outside. Apparently they were so strong that you could even see them in and around Oslo,... Continue Reading →

The graceful Gracey

My heart is heavy, it has been for quite some time. Almost to the extend where it is getting hard to breathe. Every morning I wake with that painful ache in my heart and I know that what ever I want to do, ultimately there is nothing I can do about it. Sometimes you feel... Continue Reading →

All the things we let go

As this year comes to an end it is important to reflect over what actually happened this past year. It all happened so quickly that I was barely able to catch my breath between last year's New Year's and this year's. So what did happen this year? I mean other than Miley Cyrus breaking up with... Continue Reading →

My tragic flaw

First off I want to say I don't believe in soul mates. I do believe that some people are better suited for each other than others and that every relationship requires hard work on both parts. But soul mates? No sir (and ma'am). This being said I believe that some people can touch your soul... Continue Reading →

A quarter of a century.

I have to admit, after my 25th birthday, I underwent a little quarter-of-a-century-crises. I am not quite sure if the work-load and school-stress were getting to me, or if I was just being silly about turning 25. After all, nothing changes when you turn a year older, right? You do not magically get the superpower... Continue Reading →

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