The future dinner.

They say love travels through the stomach. Turns out, love is not the only thing that travels through the stomach. Basically anything you eat travels through your stomach (hopefully). For most Westerners this means pasta, pizza and ... (fill in the blank).┬áBecause of new knowledge we have acquired over recent years, we now also have... Continue Reading →

The face of cancer…

It's been two very long months since the funeral. Let me start off by saying that I do believe that my grandmother is at a better place now and that I am sure, that she feels painless and maybe even carefree. Maybe even happy. But then again maybe we just tell ourselves those little lies... Continue Reading →

…chocolate covered strawberries.

If you'd ask me to describe my relationship with A, I'd say we are like a chocolate covered strawberry. Chocolate = awesome (A) Strawberries = delicious (me) Chocolate + strawberries = awesome delight (A & me) The thing about them is though, that it takes patience to make them. It takes a good eye to... Continue Reading →

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