Skipping Christmas.

This year, A and I decided to skip Christmas altogether, sort of. Our world trip is of course the gift to each other and for ourselves but other than that, we decided to leave Christmas decorations, trees and anything else Christmasy behind. Because Christmas is more than a place decorated with loads of glitter, on... Continue Reading →

From us to you

I am by no means a do-gooder. I am a regular average person who has a bit more time on my hands than most people, which I decided to fill with volunteer work, rather than with other things. I am a full time student, work 80-90% at a store, run as often as my schedule... Continue Reading →

Last Christmas

It is the season, when Norway doesn't see much sunlight and every morning you awake feeling like it is still the middle of the night. Tell you what, it is difficult, having to rise out of bed when the sun doesn't rise until March again, that is if we are lucky. I am exaggerating, but... Continue Reading →

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