The end, part 6

  This is the final and last part of our month-long road-trip through the US and I know you're thinking, "Geesh, finally, took you long enough". And yes, it took me almost longer to finish the road-trip saga than actually being on the road-trip with A. So yes, this is the final installment, the one... Continue Reading →

All bad things come in threes, part 1

To say the least, A and I are exhausted. We¬†just returned from a month-long eat-and-drive-cation from the US and jetlag is kicking our butts. Day becomes night and night becomes day, thankfully this is not our first rodeo and we know how to deal with it: do not engage with other human beings because your... Continue Reading →

Dual survival.

The only thing more annoying than someone asking you "are we there yet" is someone saying "oh-o" when going 70 miles an hour and you're noticing a slow decrease in speed of the vehicle only to come to a screeching stop in the middle of no-where somewhere off highway 15, when the sun is setting... Continue Reading →

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