Sail Hawaii

I am an ocean person. There I said it, not that it ever was a secret, but that’s who I am, who I always will be… I love everything ocean infinitely more than I could ever love any other landscape. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s something else you should know: for everything ocean, Hawaii is the place to go. And if you’re not into sea wildlife (you monster!) it’s just amazing to see Hawaii from a boat!

Oahu from the boat

On a four hour cruise we saw loads of humpbacks, spinner dolphins and turtles. I still can’t believe how much you can see in such a short amount of time. A, very bravely jumped into the water with me and thoroughly enjoyed himself. You know, other than being deadly afraid of not being able to touch the ground. At some point A had this look of terror in his face, so I went back to check on him and slowly but surely he got the hang of snorkeling in the open ocean and didn’t mind the deep blue after all.

We were a small cruise with only 6 tourists, one skipper and one amazing underwater photographer who also doubled as our safety line. She was simply amazing and super attentive. If you ever go to Honolulu, check them out, Wild Side Speciality tours with Sail Hawaii is just beyond everything. It was their doing that A was comfortable and somewhat relaxed in the water (and most importantly slept incredibly well after).

Oh and the whales we saw, although brief encounters, there is nothing better than seeing wildlife where it’s meant to be seen. And the turtles we saw? Oh my, it’s amazing how they just blend in and if you are not careful you could miss them… But our guide was amazing and pointed out every wildlife. It was thrilling and amazing even considering the choppy sea and blue lips and cold, I mean, I was fine, I would have stayed until I was as blue as Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, but the group was ready to head back and so we did. And in the last few minutes on the sea we saw one last whale, as if bidding us farewell.

It’s hard to say whether yesterday was my most favorite day ever, since we had so many great days already but let me tell you, it was simply amazing being able to swim in the bluest blue, having A next to me, not trying to drown me (because that happened before).

So yes, Hawaii is amazing, beautiful and a treat for the soul. I cannot wait to see what the next few days bring!

Happy ocean!

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