High above the Clouds

As you may have gathered by now, I am in charge for planning all kinds of activities for A and me during our world-trip while he is in charge of logistics, food and making sure that I stay grounded… Interestingly though, A agreed to all kinds of activities that I suggested, from going snorkeling with dolphins in Hawaii, to going to the Grand Canyon and many smaller and bigger trips in between. Now that we made it all the way up to the Great Barrier Reef, I of course HAD to see it! And what’s the best way to see it? Of course, snorkeling in the Reef. You know what else gives you a chance to see the Great Barrier Reef? Getting on a plane!

And that’s exactly, what we did! We got a small 10-seater-plane (every seat a window seat), A terrified by the looks of it, and we were ready to take off. We booked an hour long scenic flight above the Reef from Airlie Beach which is about two hours drive from Mackay where we are staying (at the cutest little hotel called the Shakespeare Motel!).

The Shakespeare Motel in Mackay
The Shakespeare Motel in Mackay

Within minutes we were air-sight-seeing and let me tell you, I’ve been incredibly happy in the last two weeks, ever since we first started our trip, but seeing the Reef from above! I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE that it was real! I’ve wanted to go to Australia and see the Reef ever since I could remember and once I turned 19, the idea of going to Australia was always in the back of my mind. And now, finally, after so many years, I got the chance to go to Australia with the love of my life and see the most amazing sea-scapes there are!

Great Barrier Reef, window view from above
Great Barrier Reef, window view from above

We also got to see the heart-shaped reef, which A puts it, just coincidentally looks like a heart and many people pay good money to see it. But, honestly, I don’t care, because I got to see it and it really, really, really looked amazing from above:

Heart-Shaped Reef
Heart-Shaped Reef

Surprisingly, A had no problems on the small plane, he was even enjoying himself, taking loads of videos and photos (like the one above), BUT he did NOT enjoy the landing. Upon arriving at the small airport, we heard a horrible shrill sound, before the plane landed very shakily. Which instantly put A into survival mode, but since we landed already, there was nothing to worry about…

This truly was the most amazing experience we could have ever done on the last day of 2017 – go out with a bang (literally!). And although our world-trip is far from over and we still have loads of activities planned, this flight was one of the most amazing experiences ever. So this year, in 2018, I encourage you to get out there, make your dreams come true, no matter how high above the clouds you think your plans are! Happy New Year!

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