Jess explores – Grounding yourself (S2 E26)

Sometimes I find myself in situations where I am somewhat lost. I know what I do is important and I typically can remember why I started to begin with, but when you loose sight of what is important, it becomes difficult to really make sense of it all. To avoid that utter confusion, it is important to ground yourself – find something that makes you go out of your own head and come back to what really matters. For that, I call my parents and we talk about anything for hours on end – you may do yoga, or you may go for a run, or do anything else to ground yourself. What you do, doesn’t really matter as long as you find a mechanisms that makes sure you’re not utterly lost.

P.S. Yes, this episode too has suffered the dog-barking-treatment, which is why the audio may be a bit quiet but on the plus side my dog was very happy barking to her heart’s content.

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