Jess explores – My first job (S2 E35)

When I was 14, I made the decision to become a fashion designer/seamstress, thinking that I found my calling and that one day I would be the next Vivian Westwood. Spoiler alert: that didn’t quite happen (yet?!). I worked in a theatre for about 4 weeks, clocked 38.5 hours per week and made a whopping 168 euros (not per week – that was one month’s salary!).
But I took a few moments in this week’s episode and reflected on what I learnt in that job and how important it was to understand that what we learn in school isn’t always useful in industry…
I could talk for hours about all the funny episodes and experiences I had in those four formative weeks, but mostly I just wanted to take you on a short excursion on where I started my ‘career’ and while you may not end up becoming what you thought you’d be at 14, the lessons are still valuable!
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