Never say no to dancing like no-one is watching.

I'm going to let you in on my two mantras, which really are words to live by: Dance like no-one is watching,¬†and Never say no. I think everyone who spent a little time with me knows that I'm not shy of dancing, it's my form of expression. It's not that I'm such a good dancer... Continue Reading →


About a month ago I finished the last exam for the semester. Since then I've been in a summer-break daze. I guess the first five months of the year have been so crazy, that once I delivered my last exam I just checked out - mentally. That's not to say, that I've been laying around... Continue Reading →

My love letter to Berlin

I don't think romance always has to happen between a person and their partner. It can happen between two strangers somewhere in the middle of nowhere or between lifelong friends. It's just a moment, the moment doesn't mean anything other than what you make it to be.¬†Before I go any further, just so there is... Continue Reading →

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