Brisbane, I’d move in a heartbeat.

Remember when I said, I was getting better? Well, that was before... It had gotten so bad, I coughed half the night and decided to spend the last day in Brisbane at the hotel. I also went to the doctor's to make sure that I was doing everything possible to get better soon. So, there... Continue Reading →

My spirit animal

First off, I'm feeling much - MUCH -  better, but I'm still coughing especially when the air is too dry or the AC turned on too cold. But other than that, I'm (almost) good as new, that being said. I'm still taking it easy, especially because we got some crazy things planned in the next... Continue Reading →

Australian road trip

For the record, and anyone interested, I want you to know that road tripping in Australia was 100% A's doing. He had the idea, he planned the trip and he booked the car. I did not realize that I was about to get in a car for a total of 21 hour driving (supposedly) with... Continue Reading →

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