It’s time to talk

I am back home (= with A, where I belong; where it's rainy and cold at the end of May; where my hamster snores loudly; where I know, I have all the time in the world to be with the most wonderful man I know). I somehow survived the last week and a half and... Continue Reading →

The walk

March 20th, 2012 is when it all began. I am not able to tell you the reason as to why I did it, but I started walking. Now in all honesty I can say, I am not a very sporty person, I am by no means athletic and I am not very fond of sore... Continue Reading →

The face of cancer…

It's been two very long months since the funeral. Let me start off by saying that I do believe that my grandmother is at a better place now and that I am sure, that she feels painless and maybe even carefree. Maybe even happy. But then again maybe we just tell ourselves those little lies... Continue Reading →


Three years ago, when I came back to Austria for good it was partly because I learnt that summer that my grandma had cancer. My world trembled, I felt lost and scared. I wanted to call my grandma but I didn't know how to, I didn't know what to say, I didn't want to do... Continue Reading →

Stand up to cancer

This year was full of surprises, good ones and not so good ones. It was a challenging year and they say, that's the only way you can grow, sometimes I wonder what 'they' were thinking, when they started those rumors... Last Thursday we flew to Vienna to pay our respects to my late grandma. She... Continue Reading →

My phone.

Telephones are a funny invention. They were build so people wouldn't have to write all the time anymore or would have to travel just to talk to each other. They were build to make lives easier. Lately I came to realize that phones do not only do that. Nowadays you can write texts, read your... Continue Reading →

I am so proud of you, Grandma.

My grandma is the greatest woman I have ever known. She's a strong-headed woman, a stubborn woman, a woman with so much love, words wouldn't be able to express it. A family-person, a great cook (aren't all grandmas?), a wonderful story-teller, someone who always listens and has the biggest of all hearts. She's been always... Continue Reading →

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