Imposter Syndrome

It seems just like yesterday when I sat in my new home, wondering if I was really going to be able to do all of this. Wondering if I could handle my workload, living in a new country, taking care of myself (i.e. cooking for myself!) all starting now. I wondered if all of this... Continue Reading →


Recently I had a very interesting Skype call, a blast from the past and a look into the future, all at once. It was a gentle reminder with a nervous energy and suddenly it felt like I was 15 years old again. I was reminded of the person I once used to be, the person... Continue Reading →

When the night has gone…

I have few regrets in life, only one haunts me still... My grandma was the most amazing woman I ever knew. She had many flaws, laughed rarely and was very skeptical of anything and anyone and yet, she was kind-hearted and full of love but what I remember most about her is her sense of... Continue Reading →

(Almost) All I ever wanted

After four weeks in India, I can tell you one thing: there is such a thing as too much curry. Eating various types of curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner makes you eventually feel like you would give a kingdom for anything but curry. Eventually your clothes will start smelling like curry and so will... Continue Reading →

See you in another life brotha’

I am about to embark on a week long Vienna-trip, I am going home. I haven't been in Austria since 2012, before I started (and finished) my bachelor's degree, studied in Hong Kong, started my master's degree, got married, changed jobs and accomplished millions and millions of things that you can read up upon if... Continue Reading →

The Pursuit of Happiness

As I scroll through my facebook-newsfeed this morning, a terrible feeling overcomes me. I scroll through posts and posts of sadness, suffering and sacrifice and I cannot help but wonder, what is wrong with us? Is this what we choose to do with what we have? Are we that self-involved that  we feel the need... Continue Reading →

Branching out!

One of my many teachers in Highschool once told me, that we all are like pianos. If you only partake in one activity, you only play one key and you quickly become bored and disinterested. But if you engage in many different activities, you play many keys and you can alter the melody you are playing, whenever... Continue Reading →

The Missing Page

I'm a runner, not a fast one - quite possibly the slowest runner you have ever seen - but I am a runner. That's part of who I am. I am also a writer, a student, a hamster care-taker, a wife, a daughter, a sister. I am a dreamer, a Taurus, a dragon, a fearless... Continue Reading →

Forever 17.

Remember the plans you made when you were 17, sitting on your Hollywood swing on your front porch? (How many of you actually have done that? Well, not me, but I sat at my desk and thought about the future, same thing!) What job you were going to have, where you were going to live,... Continue Reading →

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