Superhero 101

It all started with a movie called 'the ghost rider'. I'm sure you heard of it, Nicholas Cage saving the world from Mephisto and his son. After that we watched the more current stuff, the X-men origins (and I finally know how Professor X landed in his wheelchair). I understand now how Magneto and Professor... Continue Reading →

…wrestling with alligators in Okefenokee.

A 14-hour-car-ride just to see some alligators? Yes, we actually did do that. But let's back up a little bit. No, we didn't drive all the way to Georgia just to see some alligators (although that seems like something A and I would do...). We actually were invited by A's dad to come and visit... Continue Reading →

I heart NY?!

A was in NYC for business, I just tagged along for the fun. We left Philadelphia on Monday afternoon and planned on having a nice dinner in NYC and crash early since A had to get up super early the next morning for his business-thingi. After getting settled in the hotel, we decided to go... Continue Reading →

…in Paris.

A fish may love a bird and they would live in Paris. Paris is wonderful. It is not only the city of lights but furthermore just a great memory of yet another new year with my beloved A. We went to Paris on Jan 1st and stayed til Jan 5th at Hotel Kensington, right across... Continue Reading →

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