…listen, don’t talk to me like that in Atlantic City.

In February 2009 A and I were snowed in. The snow was so high, we couldn’t even get out of the front door and it seemed like it was never going to stop snowing… EVER.
So all we could do, was sit at home, play games, surf the web and of course watch TV.
I don’t know your TV-habits but mine are summed up easily: I almost never just watch TV, instead I clean, I do some homework, surf the web, write emails and and and… Unfortunatley you can only watch TV inactively for so long after some time you start watching TV actively.
Zapping through about 300 channels we ended up on MTV and although I really do appreciate their social projects, I don’t know if the Jersey Shore had to be one of them. The bad thing about it is, you get so sucked in that eventually you like it and then you crave the next episode…

Lucky us it was a Jersey marathon.
And you know what else is in Jersey? Yes, you got it. Atlantic City.

I figured if they made a TV show about it and everyone told me how nice AC was, how much they enjoyed their stay, they were always busy and fun things to do… I kind of figured it’d be a lot like Vegas (it wasn’t!).
We couldn’t go to the beach that February but we brought it home so the following summer we ended up going.
I have never been to a rainforest cafe so of course that was high on the list, also trying out a casino, strolling at the beach, maybe some shopping. The usual.

The rainforest cafe was… odd, to say the least. The food was over priced, somewhat bearable and the effects were rather scary than enjoyable. It’s a must-see for little children though, if you don’t want them to ever sleep soundly again.
Right after we decided to go to the beach…

You can see my disapointment, right? The beach was dirty and filthy and had some odd colours. The water appeared to be clear but it took forever to get to a point where you could actually swim, however I do not recommend it (also we did not go swimming but watched a guy try his best).

We went to several casions, had some rita’s and drinks along the way, ate some crappy cheap food and witnessed a conversation betwenn a lady and her husband in a very Jersey accent, “Listen, you don’t talk to me like that…” (also a quote from Jersey shore).
When we left I still felt Jersey gross – A and I decided not to go back again, ever. Dear friends if you want to get married in AC don’t count on us being there.

I must say though the end of the trip was the best thing ever.
We went to the aquarium in Camden. This was by far the best aquarium I have ever been to. They had an awesome collection of fish and wildlife animal and everything was clean and just very impressive. I did not want to go home that day but unfortunatley they made us leave at 5pm.
We bonded with some of the wildlife though, in fact this little fellah got very comfortable with us.

The moral of this story is that the bird and the fish will not settle down in Atlantic City (or Jersey for that fact) however we would not mind at all living in the aquarium in Camden.

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