…the mature thing to do.

If I’d get to spend the rest of my life looking at you and writing notes on a napkin even though we could actually talk to each other, I’d be the luckiest girl on earth.
That’s what I wrote on a napkin only about a month after we had first met. I meant every word of it and the funny thing is that even when we’re with each other, we text, we mail, we write each other because this is my proof that A does exist.

After I got into A’s car (right after I realized that he was the creepy guy following me to the metro station), I looked at A and he was smiling. I was still speechless, not only because he surprised me but because his smile made me incredibly happy.
We both didn’t talk a whole lot on the way to Philadelphia, there was not much to say, because when you know the moment is perfect you don’t need to ruin it with words.

This was the first time I got to see A’s apartment. I was excited, thrilled and scared, all at the same time because yes, an apartment does say a lot about a person, it’s the first impression that counts.
So when A opened the door it was like when Willy Wonka opened the door to his chocolate factory for the kids. The door looked so tiny but behind it was pure greatness. All the paintings A had on the walls, all the books that were neatley organized in the shelfs, all of this somehow became home to me instantly.

Later that night A and I were laying in bed and gazing into each other’s eyes and I smiled at A because although he didn’t know it, he gave me a new home. He whispered, “I love you” and I knew that for the rest of my life, these three words are what I wanted to hear last every night.

The next morning, when A went to class, I got up a little after he left and looked around in his apartment. Yes, I opened all the drawers and checked out all his stuff. And I am glad to report that nothing weird was to be found.
When I looked out the window a little bit before 10.30 I saw A strolling towards the apartment. With every step his smile got bigger and his steps grew wider. He was practically running towards the door and it made me laugh.

That afternoon I told him how much I loved him and that I don’t think, anyone has ever made me that happy before. I told him that being with him is so overwhelming, I want to cry (it still is) and I told him that I think we’re awesome together and that I hope we will stay together for a long time. I told him all that stuff, because we’ve been dating for about a couple weeks and it was the mature thing to do.
It would have been crazy if I would have told him all that a couple days after we first met, he would have thought I might be suuuuuper clingy and weird but turns out that after only knowing him for 2 days I already knew that he was my soulmate and yes, it took me that long to confess my love to him.

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