Platypus River

Ever since we left the Grand Canyon a few days into our world-trip, A has been complaining about the countless, death-defying, but soul-scaring activities I've managed to organized. So, to cater to A's everyday needs, I listened to his expressed wish to see a real-life in the wild platypus (did you know that the plural... Continue Reading →

The Wait.

As I was sitting outside a cafe in the early May-days of this past month, I was amazed by how much you can see, when you actually are looking. I was sipping my cafe latte, basking in the early morning sun, wearing my sun glasses and just loving life. On the table next to me,... Continue Reading →

What if…?

4 and a half months, that's how long it has been since I saw A last in August of 2009. December ever so slowly has finally crawled upon us and I was confused, excited, thrilled, scared and just all over the place. This would also be the first time for my parents to meet A.... Continue Reading →

…the mature thing to do.

If I'd get to spend the rest of my life looking at you and writing notes on a napkin even though we could actually talk to each other, I'd be the luckiest girl on earth. That's what I wrote on a napkin only about a month after we had first met. I meant every word... Continue Reading →

…going the distance.

Pennsylvania and Virginia are actually pretty close. Ever since A and I started dating my understanding of something "being close" has changed a lot though. For instance, I live pretty close to my neighbour but I am way closer to A (even with an ocean between us). From where I lived in Virginia and from... Continue Reading →

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