The Honeymoon-Diaries, Part 5: From Coffee with Love.

This is the last of five installments of A's and mine honeymoon in Lijiang, China. We battled the first signs of a bad omen, glacial heights, sketchy bridges and leaping tigers. Under any other circumstances we would have probably packed our things within the first 24 hours and left LIjiang immediately for good, but we... Continue Reading →

The Honeymoon-Diaries, Part 4: The Eternal Optimist at the Tiger Leaping Gorge

This is the fourth installment of our honeymoon diaries, simply because the experiences we had were far too many to pack into one single or two or even three blogposts. We probably should have taken the first 24 hours as a definite sign that we weren’t meant to be in Lijiang, but we decided to... Continue Reading →

A world of its own.

Italy is amazing. And by amazing, I mean AMAZING. It ranges from a coastline that has your heart skip one, two, three beats to cities drowned in lights, from Gondolas that lead you over the canals to architecture that excites every fiber of your body. History? Yes, plenty of it too. Food? Do you even... Continue Reading →

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